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5 Best Drugstore Foundations for Oily Skin

Does you struggle to find a good foundation for your oily skin? Yeah.. Me too. Most of the time I find foundations feel gross by lunchtime..

Not only that, but wearing foundation in the summertime- forget about it! It just slides right off..

So far I have found a few foundations that last a full work day inside and outside in the Florida heat. And if it can survive Florida heat and humidity, I feel the foundation should be able to withstand most climates.

I’ve been collecting these for a few years and have tried them in all sort of different weather (sunny + humid, thunderstorms, cold + dry) conditions with very oily and acne prone skin.

Things I Look for in a Foundation:

1. Oil free

This one seem obvious. I don’t want to be adding extra oil to my oily skin. It will increase the shine and greasy feeling as well as make the foundation slide off.

2. Non-comedogenic

I have very acne prone skin. I spend more days in the month with a breakout than without. I also have very large pores, so I don’t want anything that is going to make either of these any worse.

3. Good coverage (medium/full)

I want to be able to cover my breakouts, so medium to full coverage is a must. There are some that are lighter, but they’re also buildable.

4. Long wearing

I hate when I feel like I have to spend the morning with gobs of makeup on my face just so that I actually have some left on my face in the afternoon. Long wear foundations are a must. I don’t want to spend my day worrying about reapplication if I don’t have to.

5. Matte, but not drying

I’m not one for a “dewy” finish. To me it’s just a fancy name for oily, but that’s just my opinion. I prefer matte finishes that don’t dry out my skin and make my breakout look worse. Also, foundations that are drying also tend to look cakey on me.

6. Not Going to break the bank

I’m not one to spend an arm and a leg on one item. I will go crazy and spend tons of money for bags of products (have you seen my Walgreen’s haul? lol). Even though this foundation is something that will be on my skin for 14-16 hours or more every day, I still can’t justify spending more than $30 per bottle. With that in mind, all of the foundations on this list are drugstore foundations and are sold on Amazon even cheaper than your local drugstore (unless you have points racked up or there is an amazing sale going on)…

But before I bore you with my ramblings..

My Favorite Drugstore Foundations for Oily Skin

1. Covergirl BB Cream for Oily Skin

This is my everyday go to foundation. It’s a light/medium coverage, but is made for oily skin. It’s also a BB cream, which means I don’t need a primer or setting powder to make it stay in place.

I like this because:

  • It’s quick + simple
  • It’s made for oily skin
  • It’s mattifying
  • It lasts all day

2. Loreal Truematch

This is a foundation that I have had for a few years and found that I don’t like it unless I have recently shaved my face. It tends to look really powdery on my skin for the first few hours. But good news- I’ve figured out another way to combat this powdery look… You need to spend some extra time blending it and patting it into your skin with your sponge/ beauty blender. This is one of the first 5 tips that I have learned on my makeup journey that makes foundation look great.

This foundation is a medium coverage and does last all day, but I do find the need to do a little oil control by mid afternoon.

3. Revlon Colorstay 24hr Foundation

This is one that I picked up because it was recommended as a good workout foundation.. yes, you read that right… I was looking for foundations to workout in. (Let’s just face palm and move on..) This is a full coverage foundation that will definitely last all day. It’s made to last through the heat and sweat, which are great for summer foundations. One downside to this foundation is that it can be drying at times.

4. Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation

This is a FULL coverage foundation that does have a slightly “dewy” finish. I like this for days when I need high coverage for short periods of time. Otherwise I do find myself having to do some oil control throughout the day. The applicator could be better on this one too. It’s a paddle, which means that I either have to dip it in the bottle and touch my face or my skin with the paddle and then put it back in the bottle. This can increase the amount of bacteria in the foundation and cause breakouts. This is one that I will probably end up replacing before I finish the bottle due to potential bacteria buildup.

5. Maybeline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder Foundation

One thing that I always read when I was a teenager was that you need to use a powder foundation if you have oily skin. Liquid foundations will make you look oily. And maybe 15 years ago, that was true. But it sure isn’t today. I mean this is the only powder on my list..

The coverage of this foundation is light/medium but it’s buildable. So it can be great for evening out your skin with a bit of light coverage or building it up for a medium coverage. I also have used it as an under eye concealer on days where I don’t wear a full foundation. I’ve even used this on top of liquid foundations. This powder has a ton of different uses and I find that it’s a staple in my current collection.

If you’ve tried these or have any other recommendations for oily skin foundations, leave a comment below so we can all share our experiences and knowledge. Let’s work together to make the best of our oily skin.

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