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Dermaplaning: How to Shave Your Face

So I decided to shave my face… for the first time.. on camera for you. I’ve done some research and learned that shaving your face will allow your makeup to be less cakey and can help to exfoliate your face and remove dead skin cells in addition to getting rid of the peach fizz on your face.

But why???

Ok, so I’m pretty sure that the idea of shaving your face can seem kinda weird. I mean you probably only think about men and women who shave their upper lip- right?

More and more women are starting to shave their face as part of their skincare routine. Not only for vanity reasons- but to improved the health of their skin.

Shaving your face is also  called dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is the removal of the dead skin cells and exfoliation of the skin using a small blade (aka a razor).

But won’t the hair grow back thicker and darker?!?!

Nope. That’s a myth.

Shaving your face (assuming that you go with the grain), cuts the hair at approximately the half way point, not at the root.

In addition, the type of hair on your face is mostly vellous hair aka peach fuzz. These hairs are meant to help keep your skin clean and your body warm.

The thicker hair that you have on your head, legs, arms pits and elsewhere is known as terminal hair. This hair is thicker and stronger because it has a slightly different core and a different growth pattern.

Good news though: when you shave off vellous hair, terminal hair will not grow in it’s place. Or simply put- the light fuzzy fur that you shave off won’t come back thick and dark.

The Benefits of Dermaplaning:

  1. Remove the pesky peach fuzz that makes your makeup look powdery or cakey
  2. Exfoliate your skin
  3. Remove unsightly hair from your face
  4. Brighten your skin
  5. Make your skin feel extra smooth

Even though the benefits can make shaving your face sound like it’s the perfect thing and everyone should be doing it, there are a few people who may not want to shave their face.

If you have a lot of acne going on at the moment, you can damage the pores by shaving. Wait until the pimples heal before you attempt shaving. 

You might not want to shave your face if you have super sensitive skin. If you are prone to irritation or inflammation, you might want to reconsider shaving your face. You might be able to handle an electric shaver instead of a blade as well. This one on Amazon is one that I am looking to try out.

How to Shave Your Face

If you’ve made it this far, then I assume that you have decided that shaving your face is for you. Or at least something that you want to try out.

Depending on your skin you can either use a lubricant (face oil, moisturizer, or even shaving cream if you want), use a damp cloth to moisten your skin or shave your dry skin.

The option that you choose depends on your skin and no one knows it better than you do, so choose the option that works for your skin. The goal is to reduce irritation as much as possible.

Tools Required:

  • Eyebrow razors or electric razor made for facial shaving. (I see these razors by Twinkle and Schick highly recommended but they’re not the ones I used.)
  • Towel
  • Mirror
  • Skin lubricant

Preparing Your Skin

To prepare my skin, I did my normal skincare routine which consists of Ponds Makeup Remover that I got in my most recent drugstore haul, then using a face polish as my exfoliant to remove the loose dry skin and gunk Face Polish .

After my shower I typically use Neutrogena Bright Boost Serum and Hydroboost Moisturizer . I applied an extra layer of the Bright Boost serum immediately before shaving my face (as you can see in the video above).

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The Act of Shaving

The first couple of swipes are the scariest thing that I have ever done.

but first, you want to make sure that you are holding the razor at a 45 degree angle to your skin. You do not want to hold the razor perpendicular to your skin. That can cause too much irritation.

Pull your skin tight and LIGHTLY run the angled razor with the grain do you face. Check the blade and say Oh My God! But seriously, after each swipe, make sure that you wipe the razor off on your towel.

When you get close to your hairline and your brows, BE EXTRA CAREFUL. You don’t want to accidentally shave off a brow or mess with your natural hairline. That would just look awkward!

After I finished shaving my face, I rinsed with water to remove any excess hair that remained on the skin and lightly patted my face with a towel. I then made sure that my face was super moisturized.

Tips for After You Finish Shaving

Don’t immediately load your face with makeup. This can cause irritation and clog your sensitive pores.

Don’t be too harsh on your skin – no exfoliation or chemical exfoliants for the rest of the day.

Do drink an extra glass of water – because we all know we don’t drink enough.

Do make sure you moisturize.

Do make sure that you let your skin breathe and relax.

Please be careful if you are going to try this yourself. Make sure that you watch a bunch of Youtube videos and do your research beforehand. I don’t want to see anyone walking around missing an eyebrow because of me.

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