New Drugstore Makeup January 2021

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The other day I got the bug up my ass to go shopping. Like drive to the store and walk around shopping. Crazy- right?

I was smart about it though- I did my sale research. Found a bunch of makeup sales at Walgreen’s that were Buy One Get One 50% off. So I made the 1 minute drive to Walgreen’s 🙂

Below is what I bought, why I bought it and now that I have had them for a bit, my honest opinion of them.

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I did need a refresh to my skincare routine, especially since Winter actually decided to show up here in Florida and stick around for more than a few days. I was looking for things that would hydrate my skin and not cause more acne. If I have to wear a mask, I might as well pay extra attention to my skin.

Ponds Makeup Remover

I grabbed this small container of cold cream because I had seen a few other YouTubers using it. But honestly, I didn’t have much hope for it. I was more interested in the Cleansing Balm (below). But holy crap- this stuff works like a charm! It not only removes a full face of makeup- but even waterproof mascara. I am sold on this. It is mineral oil based, which is great for winter. To be honest, I am a little concerned about using this in the summer- but i don’t think it will be too much of an issue.

Ponds Cleansing Balm

So this is something that I have had in my Amazon cart for the longest time, but never actually purchased. The idea of this is soo cool and I figured since it was newer, it would work better. Nope-I was wrong. This didn’t remove mascara- regular or waterproof very well. I still had black marks on my face towel after my shower. I put this in my spare bathroom as a just in case I need something, but honestly a baby wipe would remove makeup better in my opinion. But it does have the oil base going for it, so it is definitely a good moisturizer/ basic makeup remover if you’re not worried about the remaining mascara.

drugstore makeup haul

Neutrogena Bright Boost Serum

I saw this in the Neutrogena section and because I loved the Hydroboost line, I figured I would give the Bright Boost line a try. This serum goes on silky smooth and I really do feel that it has made my skin a bit brighter. I do find that since using this, my skin has been a little extra oily by noontime, but it’s nothing that a quick swipe of a paper towel can’t handle.

Neutrogena Hydroboost Moisturizer

This is my go to winter moisturizer. I don’t have dry skin, but this gel cream is AMAZEBALLS. It’s silky, super moisturizing and stays all day. I would recommend this to anyone- for all skin types. I use it twice a day and it really helps my sin stay smooth, hydrated and doesn’t cause any breakouts like moisturizers that contain sunscreen.

Garnier Micellar Makeup Wipes

These wipes are pretty good. At first I thought that they were the cause of an irritation I was having, but nope. Wasn’t the wipes. Turns out it was a new toner I was using. Word to the wise- try one new product at a time! Anyways.. these wipes do a decent job, they do leave my skin feeling hydrated, not just dried out. But they do require a bit of rubbing to get waterproof or thick layers of mascara off.

Biore Pore Strips

These are so underrated in my opinion. I have had these in my cabinets for years and every time that I use them, I am so amazed at everything that comes out of my face. (Gross, I know, but totally fascinating…). These are a stapled to help reduce the size of my pores and help me to prevent breakouts.

Liquid Pearl Hair Serum

So because they were having such a big sale, I decided to check out the hair stuff. I saw this shiny bottle of hair serum and loved the purple glittery sparkles in it. And then it told me that it would bring out my inner mermaid… welp.. that went into my cart. 

But seriously, this shit smells FANTABULOUS. it does work really well when you use it with a synthetic shampoo. I first used this when I was using an All Natural Seaweed Shampoo (check out my review here) and found that this just made my hair feel gross and crappy. It didn’t seem to do much.

Then I tried it again after using Tresseme Keratin Smooth and it just added that extra bit of shine and luster to my hair. No greasy or crappy feelings. 

I think that mixing the all natural and the synthetic ingredients just made my hair feel gross. Lesson learned.

makeup from drugstore makeup haul


Neutrogena Hydroboost Lip Shine

I snagged these because who doesn’t need a good lip gloss?? And lip gloss is something that has been missing from my makeup stash for a while. I chose these because I love the Hydroboost line and my lips are feelin extra chapped lately. I couldn’t be happier with these bad girls. They’re just the right amount of color and shine. They are sticky, but not too sticky and not overly scented or flavored. I do find they add a bit of extra moisture to my lips, especially when added over a tinted chapstick.

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette

This was one of those multi-use palettes that just seemed to have ALL of the right colors, from purples to neutrals. For me and my green eyes, this palette was all the right colors. I haven’t had a chance to try these out yet, but I will keep you informed.

Revlon Eye Contour Kits

These babies were on clearance so i grabbed two- pink and purple. Who could resist? I love the colors and they go on sooo smoothly. I don’t notice a lot of fallout either. Oh! The best part… they not only have a glittery/ shimmery color included but they also have a colored eyelid primer in each kit. I was blown away when I finally read the back and found this. I haven’t tried this without one of my two favorite eyelid primers yet, but these colors definitely last 16+ hours with a good primer.

Covergirl Highlighter Kit

I love the options for highlighters. Depending on the season and the occasion, I am finding that you can never have too many highlighters. This little palette has 3 different color highlighters that are made for light skin. They do have a few other skin tone options to choose from, one was even a bit more pink colored, if that’s your preference.

Maybelline Master Contour Palette

Before I got this palette, I only had one bronzer set, which is part of my Tarte full face kit. I figured this palette would be a good addition. I was worried that the bronzer would be a bit dark for me, but I am pleasantly surprised that this palette is juuuust right. The colors blend out soo nicely and I love the feel of them. The highlighter is pretty pigmented and a little can go a long way.

Maybelline Master Chrome Rose Gold Highlighter

I’d been seeing this one around on Youtube makeup channels for a while and figured that I would grab this. I liked the rose gold because it was a combination of peach and pink and it was honestly a bit different from the other ones. After breaking into it, I find that it works really well. There is a bit of fallout in the container due to the ridges in the design, so be careful and dip lightly.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliners

My current eyeliner stash consists of one color- black. I wanted to spice it up a bit and add some browns and purples, which complement my eye color. These were bought with the intention of being used with eyeshadow, but also being used without on those lazy days when I just want a touch of color. I find that the crayons are much more forgiving to a newbie like myself than liquid pens. These guys will last all day on top of eyeshadow and when used with a primer, I don’t have any trouble with smudging when I wear them alone.

Maybelline Dream BB Fresh

Ok, so this I have to admit I was a little disappointed in. My first impression in the video above, I said that this was a medium coverage, but I was wrong. This is a very light coverage. More like a tinted moisturizer. After using the matte Covergirl BB cream for oily skin, I was expecting a bit more coverage. I also find that this is too hydrating for my skin when used with my daily skincare routine. I think this would be good for those days that you are rushing out of the house and need something quick.

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Maybelline Fit Me Powder Foundation

So this is becoming one of my favorite foundations for my oily skin. I have always read that powders are best for oily skin, but found that they didn’t sit right on my skin and looked cakey. Until I shaved my face (check out that fun here). Now powders and even liquids sit so much better on my face. This is medium coverage and I also like to use this as a quick concealer when I know I am going to be wearing a mask all day. This is just right for covering up any bags under my eyes. I got the classic ivory color and it’s a smidge light, but totally doable for winter. But I do think that if I were to spend a bit more time in the sun and god forbid, get a tan, this would be too light for me.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Oh M Gee! This is amazing. But I feel like I have to start this opinion off with a disclosure.. I have naturally thick and long lashes. But this accentuates them amazingly! This truly does make me feel like I am wearing false lashes (which I plan to try here soon… eek!). I do find that if curled right, my lashes don’t smudge up my glasses throughout the day. The smudging is something that I have had trouble with from other mascaras, but Maybelline always seems to pull through. I got the color blackest black which I think just add that extra bit of oomph to the color. And this is totally acceptable for work too.

Maybelline Baby Lips Chapsticks

If you’ve gotten this far, you know that my lips have been chapped lately. I have a few chapsticks lying around the house (and car), but I find myself searching for them in old purses more often than not. So I wanted to grab some more and figured I would try these. I think the colors are adorable and they’re big enough in my pocket, they’re unlikely to end up in the washing machine (a.k.a. the chapstick burial ground). I got the normal and the punch tinted one. They’re an average chapstick. They do have a light scent/ flavor to them but it’s nothing drastic. I like to use these under my lipstick and lip gloss. Not sure if I would buy again though…

Real Technique Makeup Sponges

These were just there.. and decently cheap. My sponges were waaay to old that I don’t even know when I bought them.. They’d been cleaned so many times they were crumbling. I figured it was time for new ones. To be honest, these are sponges. They’re not as soft as the sponge that came with the Fit Me powder, but they do a good job at applying and blending foundation and concealer.

I hope that you enjoyed having a peak into what’s new in my makeup collection and makybe you found something new to add to your own collection.

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