We’ve all had those products that just don’t work right or don’t work at all. This is my running list of all of the things that I have tried that have failed in some way. If there is something on this list that you disagree with- let’s chat about it. I’m willing to try things a second time if you think they’re worth it.

I may have done a video review of some of these things, so don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for all the fun stuff that I’m trying out.

Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline Salon Expert Nail Polish in #140

This color is like a pink wine color, which I love for the winter/early spring. I feel like I have to confess that this nail polish is OLD, like probably 10 years old or so. Like I can’t find it on Amazon old. So that could have something to do with my problems.

Fail #1: It folded back on my nail after my first shower with it. When I got out of the shower, I checked for chipping and found one of my nails to have the nail polish softened enough to have lifted from the nail and folded back onto itself.. WTF?!!

Fail #2: Chipped within the first day. The ends of the nail on my dominant hand are chipping after the first day.

Fail #3: Bumpy. This nail polish dried to feel like and look bumpy, almost like a rash.

OGX Liquid Pearl Serum

OGX Liquid Pearl Serum- Semi Fail

So this one is a semi-fail. I call it a semi fail because it works amazingly with the right combination of hair products. I bought this because it had purple pearlescent “glitter” in it. When I opened it, it smelled AMAZING!

The first time that I used it, I was using an all natural Seaweed Shampoo + Conditioner (check out my review here). I found that it just made my hair feel greasy and didn’t really do anything. Also, the amazing smell barely lasted past blow drying.

Then I tried it after using a drugstore shampoo (Tresemme Keratin Smooth) and it worked really well. My hair was shiny and soft and smooth. Now I am not sure how much of that I can attribute to the serum and how much I can attribute to the Tresemme products- which is why this is only a semi-fail.