Unicorn Costume for Pets

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I was surfing through Amazon, looking for some cat ears for my gaming headset, I scrolled down towards the bottom- where they have their suggestions- Hey! You might like this kinda thing.. and the most adorable thing showed up… a unicorn hat for a cat or small dog.

Isn’t this just the most adorable thing? You could have a unicorn running around your house!

Then I looked at the cat.. that cat’s not happy being a unicorn. So you may have a cranky, spazzed out unicorn running around your house. But it would definitely be cute for a few minutes… until they get it off and scatter to hide.

I could only imagine my cat running around in this.. but most likely she would pancake to the floor like she did when we put a harness on her.. 

They say this costume is sized for cats or dogs, with a neck size of 8.6″-11.8″ around. And it’s made of soft fleece and oxford fabric to not cause irritation to your pets skin.

If my cat would wear this, I would be all about buying this for her.. but I have learned from experience that my fur babies are a little too wild for this kinda stuff.. 

This post may contain affiliate links. These links may earn me a commission at no extra cost to you.

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