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The Most Adorable Unicorn Tea Infuser

Anyone who knows me, expects me to have a hot cup of tea in my hand at any given time- no matter the time of year. I typically use tea bags because they’re simple and I’m lazy. But recently I got this unicorn tea infuser and just had to have it.

Its made of BPA free silicone and splits in half to put the loose leaf tea inside.

inside of unicorn tea infuser

After using this for a while, I found that my tea was not as strong as it typically is when I use my reusable tea bag. I at first thought it was because the unicorn doesn’t fit that much tea in it, but then I realized that the tea leaves weren’t able to expand inside the unicorn. The more the tea leaves expand- the more flavor you get.

Also, I do find it hard to drink the tea with the unicorn in the cup. I typically don’t take the tea bag out until I have finished the cup of tea, but found I had to take the unicorn out. This led to even less flavorful tea

unicorn tea infuser in the cup

My overall opinion of this infused is that it will look adorable on my desk at work, but it is not feasible for me to use often.

I do think that this would be a great gift for kids or people who do not like strong tea.

Other uses for this could be:

  • put a piece of fruit inside or a sugar cube (do they still
    make those???) so you get small amounts of flavor
  • in the winter, you could put small cinnamon sticks inside
    and put that in your tea or cider
size of the unicorn tea infuser in compared to the cup

I think that this little unicorn has some good uses when making warm drinks, but a tea infuser is not one of them. If you are interested in grabbing your own Unicorn Tea Infuser it is available on Amazon.

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